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Karthik Chintala

Hello there. I'm a passionate Full Stack developer and I work primarily on .NET Core, microservices, distributed systems, VUE, JavaScript

reading and writing to computed properties in vuejs

How to read/write to computed properties?

We’ll create a computed property if we want to re-render the text/value based on the property change. We will use the computed property in the template section of the vue file(s).

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private variables in vuejs

Private variables in VueJS

Most of the times when we want to create a variable to be used in a vue file, we will create a property in the data() function. But, if we don’t want the property to be reactive, then we’d have to create a private variable or a variable that is not reactive.

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different ways to access constants in vuejs featured image

3 different ways to access constants in a Vue template

In this post, I’ll show how to access a constant in the vue <template> tag.

If we consume the constant directly in the vue template we’ll get an error when compiling the app.

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computed properties in Vue

Understanding computed properties in VueJS

In this post we’ll see what are computed properties, how to write a computed property and let’s understand how a computed property is designed behind the scenes.

Don’t forget to visit the links in the references section.

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Getting started with Vue CLI

If you are already familiar with Vue CLI, you can just skip reading this post.

Vue JS is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and SPA’s (single-page applications).

If you want to build a project in Vue, I’d recommend Vue CLI templates for those who are new to Vue.

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callback functions in c#

Delegates as callback functions in csharp

To update many records in entity framework, it is good to use the .Attach method of the db context instead of looping through every record and fetching the data through EF and updating it.

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Data binding in blazor

Blazor has 3 different ways of binding data on the client-side.

Here are the different data binding mechanisms in the client-side blazor framework.